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    Find your tribe of cycling sisters in the Velo Sisters Cycling Club

    For all women, whatever you ride.

    Set goals, celebrate achievements, and shout about your cycling adventures, in a supportive online group of women who share your love of cycling. 

    Velo Sisters is an online cycling community exclusively for women. A place where you can get fitness tips, repair and maintenance advice, motivation, encouragement, cycling news and all things cycling related.

    Traditional cycling clubs aren't for everyone. There may not be one in your area, or perhaps there is but its male dominated and that puts you off, or you're not the lycra-clad type?

    But without the support of knowledgeable cycling friends, getting out on your bike more often, and for longer distances, can seem a daunting prospect. 

    Hi, I'm Nic, the cycling-loving founder of the Velo Sisters Cycling Club.

    I've spoken to so many women who have a bike and would love to cycle more but...

    • lack the motivation
    • fear getting a puncture
    • suffer discomfort on the saddle
    • aren't sure where they can ride
    • don't know about local events

    ...or are held back by any number of other worries.

    It's such a shame because those things are so easy to fix.

    Women are often left feeling stuck and frustrated, and they're missing out on the amazing fun of cycling! Noooooo!

    I know how great cycling makes me feel, and has changed the lives of so many women I know. I really wanted to do something to help.

    So I created the Velo Sisters Cycling Club.

    Velo Sisters is an online club, which means you can access it no matter whereabouts in the world you live, or what time of day you're available. 

    I keep the group small, so we can get to know, support and encourage each other. And we embrace any type of cycling whether its a bike with a basket that you ride to the shop / gym occasionally, a mountain bike so you can have fun on the trails, or a road bike that you use to challenge yourself to ride further/ doesn't matter what type of bike you ride, how often you ride it or what your goals are.

    We're a group of online cycling sisters, not a mahoosive faceless group where nobody notices if you've not been around lately. It's friendly, fun, and I post inspiring and useful content regularly, but I don't go crazy - nobody likes to feel overwhelmed. It's not just me who posts though, all members are able to (and do) post so they can share their rides, ask questions, share interesting articles, share tips and keep us updated on their cycling adventures.

    We challenge each other too. Not in a "do it now loser or you ain't no velo sister!" shouty pressured kind of way - no way. You get to choose your goals and challenges and while we take an interest because we care, you're not going to be made to feel bad if you didn't get time / changed your mind / had a prosecco extravaganza and had to ditch the idea. It's a brilliant group! Don't just take my word for it though...

    "Being part of Velo Sisters is encouraging me to set myself new cycling goals - not just speeds or distances, but bike maintenance and trying new adventures."

    Laura Robinson

    "You could describe my relationship with my bike as changing from confident cyclist to wobbly novice. This all because of a bad fall. Despite some nasty bruising it was actually my confidence which took the hardest knock. Thankfully I discovered Nic and the Velo Sisters Cycling Club. I'm not quite ready for the Olympics but with the help and support of the group I'm back in the saddle. If you want the camaraderie, motivation and support of a group without geographical boundaries, to help you achieve your cycling ambitions join the Velo Sisters. You won't regret it!"

    Nikki Vallance


    So what's involved?

    • Be part of a small online community of women who love cycling
    • Get inspiration, encouragement and support from women like you
    • Share your adventures, achievements and problems with women who care
    • Useful resources (videos, printables, little surprises in the post) to help demystify the world of cycling, make your cycling easier for you, and expose you to new options for cycling adventures
    • 20% off on because, well, Velo Sisters are like family :)

    Sounds good, but not yet sure?

    If I put myself in your shoes I think I'd have a few questions and worries too.

    What if I sign up and the other members are not really my kind of people?

    Sure, that can happen. All groups will appeal to some people and not others. That's life. We're a really friendly bunch, but if you decide it's not for you then you can cancel at any time and there'll be no bad feeling.

    I already struggle to keep up with the communities I'm already in. Do I really want to be part of another one?

    I completely understand! I know that Velo Sisters may not be your only online community, and with jobs, social lives and other commitments it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the notifications. The group is active but we don't go nuts as we're all super busy ourselves. We're not *that* obsessed with cycling, honest. It's OK if you miss things in the group anyway because I send out a monthly roundup email containing links to the main posts that I think have been the most interesting/useful. 

    Hmmm...not sure. How will I know if its worth it?

    Well, it's cheaper than a gym membership (and there'll be no cringey posing going on or horrible sweaty smells in our group and it'll be so much more fun) and costs less than a round of drinks for you and your friends at one of those popular coffee shops. If it helps you get out on your bike more, you make new friends, you get inspired to go on new adventures and you end up healthier and happier as a result then its a bargain right?

    What if they're all young whipper snappers? I'll probably be too old.

    We're a really nice mix of ages, mostly in our 30s and 40s, and anyone of any age is welcome. I know women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older who cycle regularly. This is going to sound really cheesy but whilst we may differ in age, we're connected by our love of riding. Age doesn't matter at all. Please don't let age put you off. 

    I bet they're all really good cyclists and would get annoyed at all my questions

    Nope! Not at all! The group is currently mostly newbies, but others have been cycling for a while and get involved with some pretty epic adventures. Even if we were all really experienced cyclists, everyone's lovely and nobody would ever get annoyed at you for asking questions. A lot of the time they're thankful that someone asked the question but they're also interested in the answer. Besides, I'll never ever get tired of answering newbie's questions. The worries and confusion of being a newbie cyclist are still fresh in my mind. I remember what it was like and I'm eager to help. 

    I'm quite shy and prefer just reading/watching/listening rather than getting involved in chats. Will I be looked down on for being quiet?

    One of the existing members raised a concern similar to this. She joined and its not a problem. You'll be treated no differently and we'll love you just as much. If it makes you feel any better, I'm an introvert, and a bit socially awkward if I'm honest. That's one of the things I love about the club - it's online! It's so much less awkward and draining than face to face communities.

    Got a worry/question not covered here? Email me at

    Don't let anything stand between you and the chance to:

    • Make new cycling friends
    • Get inspiration, encouragement and support
    • Share your cycling adventures, achievements, questions and problems with women who care
    • Learn about new options for cycling adventures
    • Feel part of a fun, friendly community of women like you
    • ...and feel healthier and happier as a result

    I'm doing one last intake of new members for 2016. 

    You have...

    [powr-countdown-timer id=f0aae5ea_1473787006] grab your spot in the Velo Sisters Cycling Club and secure your membership for the super low price of £12 per month.

    In the new year, I'll be taking new members at an increased price.

    But no matter how long you stay in the Velo Sisters community, you will always pay the same rate you secured when joining (currently £12).

    Join Velo Sisters

    Set goals, celebrate achievements, and shout about your cycling adventures, in a supportive online group of women who share your love of cycling.

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