Find a Route

A few sites that can be helpful for finding a cycling route:

  • Sustrans - Great for finding traffic-free routes and quiet roads.
  • Breeze Rides - Hundreds of women across the UK volunteer to lead bike rides for women on behalf of British Cycling's Breeze programme. It's focussed on helping women get into cycling. They lead rides across the country, for free, and odd are that there are some round the corner from you. It can be a great way to find great cycling routes around your local area and potentially make new cycling friends too.
  • Strava - a cycling app used by many cyclists (and runners) to track their rides. You can use this to find out where other people are riding.
  • Cycling Club Websites - You can find cycling clubs near you here. If you'd prefer to find clubs that other women have said are "women friendly" then there's a list here. Most have a website and some will have information about where they ride which could be helpful. For example, Manchester Wheelers has a Routes section on their website.
  • Ask a Cyclist - Ask someone you know who cycles. If you don't know anyone, ask in one of the many cycling Facebook groups or email your local cycling club as they might be willing to send you some useful info.
  • Google - if you've got some time on your hands then good old Google can be useful. You could use the streetview to check what the road is like e.g. is it very busy? Is it a dead end? Is it scenic, suitable for your bike and looks like it could be relatively traffic free?

Or you could just wing it and go exploring! Many people do and it can be fun. You can always turn back and go another way if you reach a road that you don't fancy the look of or hit a dead end.

Velo Sister