Buy a Bike

What Size Bike?

This is a useful guide but it's not as fixed as this picture makes it seem. I'm 5 foot 6 and ride bikes that are between a 52cm and 54cm frame. 

Where Can I Buy a Bike?

  • Your local bike shop - find yours here. it's nice to support your local business and it can be easier to build up a relationship with the people there compared to staff at the bigger chains, which is helpful as they'll get to know your needs and be in a better position to give you better service. On the other hand, some women have found local bike shops quite "blokey" and prefer to go to the bigger chains. I guess it will differ between women and between bike shops. 
  • Evans Cycles - has a chain of bike shops across the UK. Helpful, knowledgeable staff (in my experience).
  • Halfords - yep, the car parts place that has shops across the UK. It also sells bikes and recently partnered with British Cycling (as of time of writing) and has been running some bike maintenance workshops for women. I've heard mixed reviews from cycling people about Halfords.
  • Or if you want to buy 2nd hand then try bike buy and sell groups on facebook such as these:
    • MTB Chix & Trails - Buy and Sell
    • Bike Buy and Sell
    • or one of the many womens cycling facebook groups (there's a list here) - just post asking if anyone has a bike to sell that would suit a woman of your height for the kind of cycling you want to do. Usually someone will reply.

Bike Fit - Set it Up to Suit You

You may need to adjust the height of your saddle to make sure its right for you. British Cycling has made a useful video explaining about "Bike Fit" here. Most bike shops will help you to get your bike set-up to meet your needs if you ask.


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