Hi! I'm Nic, responsible corporate career woman mid-week, enthusiastic pedal pusher at the weekend. I was inspired to create Velo Sister after a frustrating failed attempt to buy a cycling-related t-shirt or hoody. I created this shop for my bike-loving female friends so they could have a variety of women's specific cycling themed tops to choose from to express their love of cycling. 

My Story

I flippin love cycling, and filled with excitement at the prospect of buying a cycling-themed top to express that love, I loaded up my laptop, credit card armed and ready for action. But do you think I could find anything I wanted to wear? Nope! Pages and pages of men’s cycle-related t-shirts and hoodies, but nothing (half decent) for a woman to wear. I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted to buy. And the wealth of options for men made the tiny offerings for women look even more pitiful. I had the shopping rage.

So I began my crusade to help women express their love of cycling through everyday clothing.

But why? Why was I so passionate? What had cycling ever done for me?

Cycling saved my life.

Ok that's not entirely true. I’m sure I’d still be breathing if I hadn't discovered cycling, but I might still be struggling with depression, and my life would be a lot less fun than it is now. Cycling has brought me so much happiness, I want to share it with anyone who’ll listen.

A few years ago I signed up for my first triathlon and bought my 1st road bike. I was pretty clueless. My cycle-loving friends taught me about the basics, the lingo, the skills and the equipment I needed. And soon I was ready to join them on challenges: sportives, time trials, road races, cyclocross, mountain biking and riding at the velodrome. I even joined my cycling club's committee, taking a role focussed on helping members and attracting more women to the club.

Cycling had become integral to my life. I spent a lot of time cycling, helping my club, helping at races and helping other women to get into cycling and racing. I'd met so many lovely people and made new friends. Cycling had brought me a huge amount of pleasure.

But buying clothing that reflected that enthusiasm was hard work because there are limited designs available for women.

It’s time for that to change.

What's Velo Sister?

Velo Sister is an online shop and community for women who love cycling. The shop sells women-specific cycling themed t-shirts and hoodies.

All of the clothing is ethically sourced and a percentage of the profits goes to charities supporting women in cycling and beyond. Velo Sister helps you look good, feel good and do good.

Abandon the high street, shun the online sports retailers aimed at men, and add Velo Sister to your favourites bar x