Have You Cycled Up the Eiffel Tower?

OK so not literally up the actual building but I wouldn't be surprised if you've cycled the equivalent. In an attempt to make better sense of the 'elevation' figure that Strava shows when I've recorded a bike ride, rather than it being just a number that I look at blankly, I did a bit of research on the height of, well, really tall stuff. Here's what I found:

Terraced House

Big Ben

London Eye

Blackpool Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Shard

So next time when I'm chuffed about doing a really hilly ride I have something meaningful to brag about to my friends. I'm pretty sure they'll be more impressed with "I did the equivalent of cycling up the Eiffel Tower 3 times today!" than some boring elevation figure. I think Strava is missing a trick there ;)

 Velo Sister